Fives' Commitment

Fives' Commitment

Over its 200-year history, Fives has developed a unique body of expertise in the design of capital goods - industrial process equipment, production lines and turnkey plants - for leading manufacturers in the aluminum, steel, glass, automotive, aerospace, logistics, cement and energy industries.

Ever since its inception in 1812, the Group has always played a central role in the impetus for industrial revolution. Its achievements include the invention and modernization of industrial equipment that has played a fundamental role in 19th and 20th century industrial history, including the steam engines used in sugar refining, electrically-powered equipment and large-scale metal structures.

Today, anticipating future needs and researching new-generation products and solutions are more central than ever to the challenges addressed by Fives. Against a background of a weakened industrial framework and a world confronted by major economic, social and environmental challenges, Fives is committed to bringing citizens and experts together to discuss all the issues that will shape and determine the factories of the future.

The vision of the Group

The plants of the 21st century present industrial companies with a series of new challenges. The development of high-technology solutions that make production more efficient and at the same time reducing the environmental impact is a daily commitment for Fives.

In today's increasingly complex industrial world, the Fives Group is focused on Research and Development. The key focuses are on greater plant flexibility, the quest for production cost and energy savings, the need to reduce polluting emissions, the demand for technologically optimized products, and the optimization of logistics flows.

With an active portfolio of more than 1,800 patents, Fives has a mission to contribute to the development of factories that are simultaneously more efficient, more environmentally friendly, safer to work in, and pay more attention to the individual needs of people in the workplace.